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he brush itself had b▓egun to imitate caresses she had nei●ther foreseen nor even thought to permit.●As she listened to that strong deep voice re▓counting these misfortunes, so desirable▓ in that they belonged to the active li●ving world of experience, sh●e caught her breath between he●r teeth, trying now to think only ▓of the unconscious signs of good br●eeding in her subject: hands st▓ill in the lap, voice low, th●e reserve which delineates true power.▓Yet even she, from her inexperience, could d

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brought me● to my senses and taught me that nothing mat▓ters except pleasure — which is the opposite ▓of happiness, its tragic par

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●expect.’ Clea was touched by this because it ●seemed clear to her that Justine had ne●ver really experienced pleasure —● one h

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o be generous for that.Egotism is a▓ fortress in which the conscienc●e de soi-même, like a corrosive,● eats away everything.True p

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u●re is in giving, surely.‘As fo▓r Arnauti, he nearly drove m●e mad with his inquisitions.●What I lost as a wife I gained as a pa

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ent — his interest in what he calle●d “my case” outweighed any love● he might have had for me.And then losing▓ the child made me

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e him wh●ere before I had only seen a rather sensit●ive and kindly man.You have ▓probably read his book Moeurs.Muc●h of it is inve

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— mostly to● satisfy his own vanity and g▓et his own back on me for the way I w▓ounded his pride in refusing to be “cured”▓ —

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